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GlobeRiders® is a diversified motorcycle adventure touring and multi-media company founded by Helge Pedersen, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, USA.  In the elite community of today’s global explorers, Helge stands at the pinnacle of achievement, having journeyed throughout the world for over ten years on his trusted BMW R80GS. Since this initial trek around the world, Helge has continued traveling on two wheels, visiting over 100 countries and covering more miles than he can count.  That journey continues today.


As an adventure touring company, GlobeRiders specializes in small-group, long-duration scenic and cultural motorcycle journeys to areas of the world neither easily accessible nor commonly visited by most.  We cater to the experienced, self-sufficient rider who seeks a more challenging and unique experience, and wants to do it on his or her own machine.


As a media company, GlobeRiders is the "vehicle" by which Helge shares his remarkable experiences with others.  With the critical eye of the professional photographer and the fluid prose of a journalist, Helge captures the faces of those he has met, records vistas he alone has seen, and documents his multi-faceted experiences and hard-earned knowledge through pictures, words, and music.  In addition to instructional and adventure documentary travel DVDs, GlobeRiders also conducts multimedia presentations and seminars throughout the world.


Although best known for his beautifully photographed book 10 Years on 2 Wheels, Helge’s work has also graced the covers and pages of publications and periodicals the world over.  Thousands have attended his travel presentations. Others have benefited from his travel clinics. Television audiences vicariously traveled with GlobeRiders as participants in the World Tour made their way from Shanghai to Munich in 2002.


St. Augustine once wrote – "The world is a book and those that do not travel, read only a page." GlobeRiders is writing the book on global touring.  We're writing new chapters every year – come share an adventure with us!

Experience . . . .

GlobeRiders conducts the most challenging and unique moto-adventure tours of any company on the planet!  Our itineraries are unique.  We'll take you to China, Japan, Africa, South America to IndoChina, through the vastness of Siberia, across the Caspian Sea, from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe.  You'll follow in the footsteps of ancient traders along the Silk Road.  And you'll do it on your own motorcycle - we ship it overseas as part of the package.


If a partner, family, or friend wishes to join you, they can ride pillion as your passenger.  If they'd prefer not to ride, we welcome them to join our local guides and drivers in our chase vehicle.


On any given day, you might board a ferry, ride an elephant, go contour-ballooning, climb into a bush aircraft on safari, visit a World Heritage Site, or take dinner with a local family.  Each night accommodations await you (with secure parking for the bikes) where you can re-live the day and re-energize yourself for tomorrow's continuing adventure.


GlobeRiders - we ARE the ride of a lifetime, Come Ride the World with Us!


To learn more about our Global Tours, please click here.

Learn . . . .

There is no more powerful teacher than Experience, but we'll do our best to augment that experience along the way.  At the start of each tour, we'll upload your GPS with routes and waypoints, then teach you how to use it.  Our staff guides and experienced, certified local guides and drivers will explain and educate.  We'll enjoy museums, cultural sites, bazaars and take in a show or two. We'll visit industrial factories and watch artisans at work.


In major cities of cultural and historical significant, we'll park the bikes, and board a private bus for a guided tour. We set aside time for you to explore on your own. On the road, you'll learn how to change tires and service and maintain your bike.


Most profound of all, the many smiles, handshakes, questions and help from the people you'll meet along the way . . . .


Learn more about our tours and processes on our Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ), please click here.

Share . . . .

Beginning with the Silk Road Adventure in 2005, we introduced our Live!Journal.  As internet connections and time allow, tour participants email stories and pictures to our webmeister, who then creates a weblog on our website.  When new Weekly Chapters are published, subscribers of our email newsletters receive an update Dispatch with links to the new Chapters.  In this way, anyone may follow the riders and join in on a "virtual" tour.  When completed, each tour's Live!Journal is viewable on this website for years to come.


In addition, our guide's motorcycles are equipped with a special GPS transponder.  During each tour, while the group is underway, a real-time current location satellite "fix" is uploaded to a Navigation frame so you can track the group's progress in near-real time.


Beginning with the Africa Adventure in 2005, we added satellite phone capability for emergency voice and Short Text Messaging where no other form of comms is available.


In addition to the information and Live!Journals on our website, GlobeRiders also gives travel and educational presentations, and we have a small but growing library of DVDs.

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