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About Dan Townsley

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Dan's six years in the US Navy spanned Special Operations training to Advanced Electronics and Computers.

After the military it was back to University.     

In 1978, Dan started his own Defense Systems Engineering business and although successful, in 1980 he was recruited by the IBM Corporation. For six years Dan designed and programmed advanced automation systems (Robots), and in 1986 he moved to Seattle where he worked in Technical Sales and Consulting until his retirement from IBM in 2007.

These various occupations provided Dan the opportunity to travel to many countries around the world, exploring them by motorcycle and backpacking.

His love of riding motorcycles really took hold in 1969 with the purchase of a new Royal Enfield 750 Interceptor. A few years ago, Dan decided to convert a perfectly good BMW R1200GS Adventure in to a Sidecar Rig. This would surely make world touring a much more enjoyable adventure for his partner, Jill.

Dan has long been interested in motorsports, and has competed in both SCCA Auto and AMA Motorcycle Amateur Road Racing. Other interests include Photography, Cooking and Nature. Dan brings five decades of riding, mechanical and GPS navigational skills to the GlobeRiders team.

Dan lives in Washington State with his partner Jill.






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