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Real-time track-to-date of the Silk Road Group



Riders, Passengers and Staff of the Silk Road 2005 Adventure Tour

Silk Road Adventure 2005 Live!Journal

Our inaugural Silk Road Adventure is over, but not forgotten. You can "virtually" relive the tour the group via this Silk Road Adventure Live!Journal. Browse and relive the adventure with the GlobeRiders as they made their way from Istanbul, Turkey to Xian, China.

To the left is a Rogue's Gallery of the participants, made up of visa and passport photos (with a few obvious exceptions).

In the Bikes and Bio's Chapter, you can meet the particpants, learn something about them, see what bikes they're riding, and get a peek at how they're set-up and equipped.

In the Weekly Chapter pages, you will find reports, stories and photos submitted live by the group. The first chapter covers preparations and planning. The remainder of the chapters contain stories, reports and pictures submitted while en route on the Silk Road. Bi-weekly email newsletters will be published informing family, friends, and GlobeRiders the world over when new content has been added. Anyone may also subscribe via the sign-up boxes throughout the site.

Helge's motorcycle is equipped with a GPS transponder that uploads the group's position to an INMARSAT satellite. Using this data, his current location and track will be displayed on the maps you see on these Live!Journal pages. The "whole route" map at the top of this page shows their progress to date. Their current position is shown on the Current Position map below.

All content submitted by the participants is used unedited, although I attempt to run everything through a spell-checker since they usually don't have access to an English one. Unless otherwise noted, all photographic images were taken by Helge Pedersen. Map images are courtesy of Touratech AG. Text and images may be formatted to fit these pages.

To learn more about the technology and process used to create the real-time position data and maps, please click here.

Enjoy the ride!

Mike M. Paull - Webmeister

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Silk Road Adventure 2005 Group's Final Position

Real-time updated current position of the Silk Road Group

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