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Eurasian Odyssey Adventure Touring DVD

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Eurasian Odyssey DVD Information and Details

The Ride of All Rides!  It begins in China when a dozen motorcyclists lead by Photojournalist and Adventurer, Helge Pedersen, set out from Shanghai to ride across the largest landmass on the planet.  They head north through the densely populated cites of China, crossing the Great Wall and doing battle with the elements, mechanical breakdowns and non-existent roads.

Crossing the border from Inner Mongolia into Russia, they head west across the vast Siberian Taiga, riding thousands of miles across eight Russia time zones, the expanses covered with endless forest, scattered with isolated pockets of people hardened from the harsh conditions.

Russia's Ural Mountains serve as the gateway into Europe and the Black Sea, and a fascinating pit stop at the remote Ural motorcycle factory in Irbit.

Through the green rolling hills and post-Soviet shadows of the Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia, the riders finally arrive in Munich, Germany, having traveled 65 days and 11,000 miles.  A dozen GlobeRiders are elated and filled with a new sense of themselves, their accomplishments, and the remarkable world they live in.



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Format: Dolby, NTSC, Standard Definition
Region: All Regions
Number of Discs: 1
Studio: GlobeRiders, LLC/Wide World HD Productions, LLC
DVD Release Date: 28 July 2009
Run Time: 90 minutes

UPC: 718122020317

ISBN: 0-9753156-7-6

An enormous thanks to our Sponsors on this special project, listed below.  Their funding and support made the production of the Eurasian Odyssey DVD possible. 

Eurasian Odyssey DVD Project Sponsors and Order Information

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