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GlobeRiders South of the Equator Adventure 2022





















































GlobeRiders is extremely proud to offer the GlobeRiders South of the Equator Adventure! We have traveled in Africa by motorcycle since 1982 and conducted motorcycle tours on the continent with GlobeRiders since 2003.


Your tour leader will be Helge Pedersen ,who in his younger days, criss crossed Africa solo on his BMW R80G/S over a period of two years. Needless to say, Helge loves to ride in Africa! The Continent begs to be visited and what better way to do so than on a motorcycle. People are colorful and friendly, nature will impress you with its beauty and abundance of animals.


Our journeys always start with an Online Forum where we as a group will discuss and prepare for the journey ahead. There are lots of logistics involved in this undertaking, all from bike preparations, visas, inoculations to shipping of the bikes and getting to know your fellow riders.


September 4th, 2022 we will meet in Cape Town, South Africa, from where we ride north while staying on the eastern side of the African continent. Weather is ideal for riding and seeing wildlife since this is the end of the dry season.


The tour ,being 57 days long, not only gives us enough time to ride, but also the opportunity to learn about the cultures and the incredible nature of Africa.




Tour Begins: September 4th 2022 in Cape Town, South Africa.
Tour Ends: October  30th, 2022 in Mombasa, Kenya
Duration: 57days
Countries: South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya.
Distance: 7,500 miles or 12,000 kilometers
Minimum Group Size: 8 riders and motorcycles - pillion passengers or passengers in chase vehicle are welcome too!
Tour Leader: Helge Pedersen

Highlights of the Tour


  • The journey starts in beautiful Cape Town where you can visit Table Mountain, Robin Island (where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned) and/or just enjoy this picturesque city and its surroundings.
  • Ride in Namibia's Fish River Canyon, beautiful vistas and excellent dirt riding. If dirt riding is not for you, we have alternative tracks that lead you on solid tarmac to our next destination.
  • Sossusvlei, Namibia, has some of the worlds tallest sand dunes. This place is a photographer's heaven and we will visit the dunes on a guided tour one early morning when the light is just right for those postcard pictures.

  • As we enter in to Botswana we will ride our bikes through Chobe National Park, it is the main road, where the chance of seeing elephants crossing the road is very high.

  • Before leaving Botswana we will go on two safaris, one in a boat and another in a 4x4 and all take place in world famous Chobe National Park.
  • At this time of year, September, Victoria Falls is rather low with water so we will make the extra effort to cross the border to Zimbabwe where there is always more water. The advantage of visiting in the dry season is that you will get a closer look at the impressive falls without getting wet.

  • Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world and has some of the friendliest people and a beautiful countryside. We will visit a small village with a boarding school for deaf children and a simple clinic. Both of these are projects that GlobeRiders tries to support.    

  • Lake Malawi is spectacular and we will spend a couple of days off the bikes and go for a swim and perhaps get a diving mask and look for tropical fish that this lake is so famous for.

  • Tanzania will greet us with a very special treat of this journey, a highlight you will not soon forget. Since we all have different interests, we have decided to offer the group a choice of actiivties. You can opt for a 4 day safari to see the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti and with the migration comes incredible experiences involving many other animals from the savanna and the Ngorongoro Crater. Or if you prefer to go and see the mountain gorillas of Rwanda, this can be arranged as a alternative to the above mentioned safari. 
  • For those of you that would like to have a family and or friend join you for part of this adventure we have a special arrangement that include above mentioned safari plus a Maasai village visit and finally a two days stay at Mt. Kenya.    

  • Kenya is arguably the most prosperous country in Africa and we will learn how the Maasai deal with this ever changing country. We spend two days in a Maasai village before heading north.

  • Mt. Kenya is the most northern point on this ride where we will be staying in a beautiful lodge in the rainforest. The highlight will be a walking safari and a chance to see animals coming to the waterhole at night.

  • We end this tour in the costal city of Mombasa, Kenya. Beautiful beaches might tempt you to stay a few extra days. Motorcycles are shipped back to Seattle from Mombasa.

  • Accommodations on this journey will vary in quality depending on location and we always strive to provide good hotels and interesting places to spend the night.
  • All tracks and maps will be uploaded to your Garmin GPS and this is also accompanied with a Map Book and a Road Book. In other words, we do not travel in a large group, but rather encourage riders to form into smaller riding groups of 2-3 riders.
  • We always offer room for a spouse or a friend to join our journey with reserved space in our chase vehicle.  Space is limited to 3 passengers with guaranteed window seats.

To participate in the tour, you must be both experienced and comfortable riding in crowded urban traffic, and over relatively long distances on roads with varying surface conditions on a fully loaded motorcycle. You should own a rough-terrain capable "dual-purpose" type motorcycle, with sturdy, lockable panniers or saddlebags and an approved handlebar-mounted portable Garmin GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver.

The tour package fee DOES include round-trip containerized shipment of your motorcycle from our home port of Seattle, Washington, USA to Cape Town, South Africa. On the return from Mombasa, Kenya,  back to Seattle, Washington, USA or Heidelberg, Germany. Also included is a chase vehicle as your support with an English speaking guide and motorcycle guide(s) from GlobeRiders. All outings like museums and cultural events are included and we provide bus transportation so no need to ride your bike. All accommodations, most dinners, all breakfasts, some lunches (on rest days when not riding), fees for guides, drivers and support staff are included.

You will be given a high quality tour T-shirt, decals for your bike, Road and Map Book and your GPS will be loaded with tour maps and tracks of the journey.

The tour package DOES NOT include visa processing fees, motorcycle or shipping insurance, your personal airfare or transportation to Cape Town, South Africa, return airfare or transportation from Mombasa, Kenya, transportation of your motorcycle to/from our home port of Seattle, Washington, USA, processing and deposit fees for your Carnet de Passage, road insurance for your bike or your personal daily expenses such as fuel, consumables, lunch on riding days and tips for guides and drivers, or motorcycle repair or recovery fees in case of a break-down or accident.



16 bikes or more Double-Occupancy Cost for Rider and Motorcycle (includes round trip bike shipment): $35,950.- 
Single Supplement Price (to be added to the above): $4,450.-
16 bikes or more Double-Occupancy Cost for Passenger in Chase Vehicle* (reserved seat in chase vehicle): $32,950.- 
16 bikes or more Double-Occupancy Cost for Pillion Passenger on Motorcycle (no seat in chase vehicle): $31,950.-



12 bikes or more Double-Occupancy Cost for Rider and Motorcycle (includes round trip bike shipment): $36,950.-
Single Supplement Price (to be added to the above): $4,450.-
12 bikes or more Double-Occupancy Cost for Passenger in Chase Vehicle* (reserved seat in chase vehicle): $33,950.-
12 bikes or more Double-Occupancy Cost for Pillion Passenger on Motorcycle (no seat in chase vehicle): $32,950.-

8 bikes or more Double-Occupancy Cost for Rider and Motorcycle (includes round trip bike shipment): $37,950.-
Single Supplement Price (to be added to the above): $4,450.-
8 bikes or more Double-Occupancy Cost for Passenger in Chase Vehicle* (reserved seat in chase vehicle): $34,950.-
8 bikes or more Double-Occupancy Cost for Pillion Passenger on Motorcycle (no seat in chase vehicle): $33,950.-
Tour Deposit** $5,000.-



*NOTE - The tour package fee for a non-pillion passenger includes a guaranteed seat for a partner and stowage of a reasonable amount of luggage in an upgraded "chase" vehicle, with a dedicated driver and guide.



** NOTE - A deposit of US$5,000.- is required to secure your place on this tour.  If we are unable to attract a minimum of 8 Riders, the tour will be canceled and your deposit will be refunded in full.  The tour is being offered at the tour packages fees listed above for 8 to 18 Riders.  If/when we have received a minimum of 8 deposits, the tour is "Go" ; your deposit will not be refunded. Should you withdraw from the tour for any reason it is not refundable.  At our discretion, you may be allowed to apply a credit in the amount of your original deposit towards a future tour if taken within one calendar year from the date of your withdrawal.  This credit may only be used once.  If this credit is not used within one calendar year from the date of your original withdrawal, the credit is forfeited.

For additional information about our tours and processes, please visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page by clicking here.

If you have questions, wish to place a deposit, or wish to make your reservation, the following link should open a new email message, per-addressed to us: send email to

The Fine Print: Early planning is essential. Riders and passengers must be qualified by GlobeRiders and provide riding and character references. Tour participants are required to obtain a signed certification of good health from their physician. Only approved motorcycles with spoked wheels are allowed on our tours. An approved Garmin GPS receiver is required for all tours.  Participants must show proof of medical and medical evacuation insurance. Safety first: a full coverage or flip-up style full-coverage helmet, full-fingered gloves, full-coverage riding suit with protective armor and riding boots must be worn at all times when your motorbike is in motion. Priority placement is always given to GlobeRiders clients who are return customers. Final pricing for any tour may be adjusted to reflect changes in foreign exchange rates and/or the final group size.














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