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GlobeRiders Alaska to Tierra del Fuego Adventure


Stage 1: North America - Self-guided
















































The Route


Alaska to Tierra del Fuego - it's still the stuff of legend, and will be for years to come.  As the crow flies, it's almost 10,000 miles (16,000 kilometers) from the barren Alaskan oil fields of Prudhoe Bay, to Ushuaia, "La Ciudad Mas Austral del Mundo" ("The Southernmost City in the World"), nestled between the Beagle Channel and the Martial Mountains.





Our Alaska to Tierra del Fuego Adventure will be offered in three Stages:


Stage 1 is the North American stage and will be conducted as a Self-guided tour.  GlobeRiders will provide confirmed clients for Stage-2 or Stage-3 a Roadbook and GPS routes and waypoints as a suggested starting point for your trip planning. We'll begin in Anchorage, Alaska, and end in Southern California.  At the conclusion of this stage, we provide you with the option of storing your bike in a secure facility for those continuing on to Stage 2.  The itinerary includes:


Yukon Territory

British Columbia












Pricing for Stages 1


Stage 1 Alaska to California will this year be a self

guided adventure. If you sign up for any of the other 2

stages to Tierra del Fuego, GlobeRiders will assist you in

completing Stage 1




Link for Stages 2, USA to Panama



Link for Stages 3, Colombia to Argentina




Why Should I Choose GlobeRiders?


Few (if any) can match Helge's depth and breadth of planetary adventure on two wheels.  Our tour leaders, local guides, and chase vehicle drivers are seasoned veterans as well.  You'll ride your bike as overseas shipment is part of our tour package.  You don't have to ride in a group, as we'll provide you with waypoints, track, and routes, and teach you all you need to know about land navigation using your GPS receiver.


En route, we'll convene tech sessions on puncture repair and tire changing.  We'll coach you in the arts of field maintenance and repair.  In the event of a break-down, we have the ability to recover you and your bike. We'll work as a team to insure that everyone has a magnificent experience that they'll savor and recount for years to come.




Additional Information


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