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SPOT Personal Tracker (left) and SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger (right).

The Garmin GPSMAP 276C, 376C and 478 (and their European equivalent) are the GPS receivers we use. 

Garmin GPSMAP 376C Chartplotter GPS receiver, cradled in a shock-isolating Touratech mount.
Chapter: Maps, Satellite Tracking and GPS

(NOTE: If you don't see a map or satellite image above, you may have to temporarily allow scripts or ActiveX controls in order to view the interactive Google map image above.)

We have updated our Navigation and Tracking technology to take advantage of some of the newest satellite tracking devices and geo-location applications on the web.

For live tracking, all of us currently carry a SPOT Personal Tracker.  Using its integrated GPS receiver, SPOT continuously calculates our position using timing signals from the intermediate circular orbit GPS satellite constellation maintained by the United States Department of Defense.  Using SPOT's Tracking feature, SPOT sends a set of location messages every 10 minutes, via the Globalstar Communications Satellites, to a SPOT database.  From there, our tracking data is shared with our SPOT Adventures page, which in turn feeds our web pages with the map you see above and throughout our latest

Because they are so compelling, we will be incorporating Google Maps and other web applications more frequently throughout our site, so feel free to play around with the maps.  You can click and hold on the map, then drag it, to pan around.  You can zoom-in and zoom-out using zoom controls, or you can just double-click on the location you want to zoom on.  You can even change map views; try selecting the Satellite View or the Terrain View.  We will be adding more information to these maps over time, so check them out regularly.

Of course, unlike you, none of our guides or riders can view this rich set of position data unless they are parked, have an internet connection, and a browser-enabled device.  Instead, each has a Garmin portable GPS receiver, loaded with maps and waypoints that we have logged on pre-runs or previous tours.  Our favorites were Garmin's GPSMAP 276C, GPSMAP 376C and GPSMAP 478 chartplotters.  Unfortunately Garmin has announced they plan to discontinue all of the older GPSMAP chartplotters (276C, 376, 478) and although Garmin has sent us newer models for evaluation, they do not have a functionally equivalent replacement.  So oddly enough, due to the requirements of the adventure tourer, the only GPS receivers we recommend for our clients and to others are the soon-to-be-discontinued GPSMAP chartplotters and the Garmin zumo 660 & 665 units.

We continue to look for other GPS units from any manufacturer that will meet the needs of global touring.  If you know of one, please feel free to send email our way.  Once we have identified and tested suitable units, we'll update this page along with our recommendations.


What Time is It Wherever They Are?

If you're wondering what the time or date is where our riders are right now, clicking on one of the links below will take you to that country's respective capital city webpage on the World Clock website:


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