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Cape Town to Paris 2014 Expedition

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Cape to Paris Expedition 2014

Some of you might recall that GlobeRiders did a Cape to Cairo Expedition in 2012; you can see the journal here.

The idea was to do a GlobeRiders Cape to Cairo Adventure in 2013 or 2014. Unfortunately that is not happening and the reason comes from the findings from the scouting trip in 2012. The route we chose is just to demanding and we could not see a safe way to take a large group on this journey at this point.

Two years has past and once again we will scout out this track from Cape to Cairo and all the way to Paris. Hopefully we will find that the conditions have improved enough to offer this incredible journey as a GlobeRiders Cape to Cairo Adventure in the near future. Stay tuned and follow this journal to see how we are doing.

So who are the fellows on this Expedition riding from Cape to Paris? Perhaps the best way of introducing you to two of the characters is to have you check out a short video I made about them from when we all met on the GlobeRiders Silk Road Adventure 2011.




Dan McLaughlin lives in Seattle just down the road from where I live. John Oates is the young kid in the group, also a member of the Silk Road Adventure 2011 and he comes from Philadelphia. Nicolas Jacquand is our other foreigner in the group and hails from Tourouvre just west of Paris.

First we were going to call this journey Cape to Cairo, but Nicolas thought we might as well ride all the way to Paris and his home to end the journey. So this is what we are doing, riding some 25,000 kilometer or 15,000 miles starting February 13th in Cape Town and ending in Paris June 5th.

All of us have traveled extensively to different corners of the world so we have plenty of experience among us. With the route that we have chosen there will definitely be challenges mixed with wonderful experiences. We are maintaining this journal to share it with family and friends and anyone else that love to travel the world.

A big Thank You to Dan Townsley who will be the Webmaster for this journal.

Enjoy the ride and feel free to email us at any time and make sure to share the journal with friends and family.









This map would normally be automatically updated using the DeLorme inReachâ„¢ SE Tracking feature.


Alas, this journey is over so we have published the final map image to the left.


We hope you enjoyed following along with us and maybe in the future we'll see you on one of our GlobeRiders Adventures.

Come ride the World with Us!



Dan Townsley - Partner

All Things GPS





Nicolas Jacquand - Tourouvre, FR

. . . on his BMW R1200GS Adventure

Dan McLaughlin - Seattle, WA


. . . on his KTM 990 Adventure

John Oates - Philadelphia, PA


. . . on his BMW R1200GS Adventure

Helge Pedersen - Seattle, WA


. . . on his BMW R1200GS

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