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Cape to Cairo 2016 Expedition

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Chapter Two Dispatch from Fred

If travel on a motocycle is your passion, than think about the follwing questions.


Have you ever been hunting with the local Hadza people in the bush in Tansania?


Have you ever stood face to face with a silverback Gorilla in Rwanda?


Have you ever had a great discussion with a money changer at the border in Malawi?


Have you ever experienced the crazy traffic of Kampala, Uganda?


Have you erver seen how fast Helge can pick up his bike from the sand?


Have you ever had a breakfast of 3 Bananas and a cup of coffe in front of your 3 Star Lodge in the heart of Africa?


All questions I can now answer 'Yes' to.


If you cannot, make the Capt to Cairo with Globeriders.






Fred's Photo Gallery

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Chapter Two Dispatch from Helge

Welcome to the journal for the third Cape to Cairo Expedition. This journey is the final test run for GlobeRiders to make sure that we are ready to handle a larger group of riders for the upcoming GlobeRiders Cape to Cairo Adventure 2017.

We never thought that it would take us three pre runs to figure out this new ride for our GlobeRiders clients, but here we are putting the final touch on the tour.

Africa is a very special part of the world to ride a bike with its unique sets of challenges and for that reason the preparations has taken a little longer than we initially had anticipated. For those of you that has eagerly awaited to take part of this adventure I can promise you that next year will be your chance to join us.

Enjoy this journal as we ride from South to North on the Eastern side of the African continent, Cape to Cairo.

We might not be updating the journal as prompt as you might like to see so keep in mind that we have adventures to experience and the journal has to wait for the extra time it takes to edit pictures and write report. Another obstacle to riding in Africa is internet availability. It might be available, but not always work. You can purchase a voucher as I did today, but it might not work. I am told to wait; it will soon come back. You have to be patient in Africa and that can be a good lesson to take to heart as we tend to be rather in a hurry in the western world these days.


Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions, follow the live map that mark our position every 20 minutes, at the very least that is always up to date.





Helge Pedersen



Helge's Photo Gallery

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