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Bike's & Bio's Africa Adventure 2019

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Welcome to the Bike's & Bio's Page of the GlobeRiders Africa Adventure 2019 Live!Journal!


This is the "up close" and personal Chapter of the Africa Adventure 20189Live!Journal.  I've asked each of our riders to share a little about themselves, and also provide a couple of favorite photos to go along with their Bio's. You may not be with them in the flesh, but at least you can learn a bit more about them virtually.


This is going to be a fascinating adventure. Not only do our participants get to experience the wonders of Southern Africa on their own bike's, but they also get to meet local people off the beaten track, taste the cuisine and immerse themselves in this amazing continent.

It's my privilege to introduce the members of the GlobeRiders Africa Adventure 2019.



Best Regards,

Helge Pedersen



Bike's & Bio's



Aaron Beckord - Tacoma, WA, USA


BMW 2018 R1200GS Adventure


I grew up in Seattle and currently live in Tacoma Washington.  For money I do real estate: commercial rentals, foreclosure flips and owner contracts.  For fun I love travel.  This will be my third GlobeRiders adventure having completed Cape to Cairo in 2017 and the Himalayas in 2018.  Looking forward to Southern Africa, especially the wildlife and the World Tour next year.









Fred & Birgit Bauer - Tuebingen, Germany


2015 & 2014 BMW R1200GS Adventure's



Birgit: (60yr) 2 GS LC (2014 + 2018) 
Fred: (64yr) 2 GS (2015 LC + Adv 2012)
2 kids (36yr + 33yr) 1 grandchild (2yr)
Married (40yr)
Our home:
South Germany, close to Stuttgart
A small University town

Fred - traveling with Helge:
2013 LA - Patagonia 
2016 Africa - Addis Ababa
2019 Africa, with Birgit
2020 World Tour, with Birgit

Fred + Birgit Travelling:
Around Europa
2014 - Westcoast Seattle - LA
2018 - Canada - Alaska - LA




Stephen Becker - McLean, VA, USA


2011 BMW F650GS


Hi all. I’m a recently retired patent attorney, 75 yo, and an avid motorcycle enthusiast since the age of 15 with a home brew 1948 Whizzer made from junk yard parts!  I currently own a modest stable of BMW and Ducati motorcycles which actually get ridden now that the last of my nine children and stepchildren is out of the house.  I’m leaving behind my beautiful wife, Mary Carolyn for this adventure, who wisely never rides pillion on my motorcycles, to care for our German Shepherd and parrot, and as backup for all those kids. 
Recent motorcycle trips have been in Peru, Cuba and Canada, and via conventional tour bus, Iran. Most recently, I joined GlobeRiders on the Himilaya Adventure, which did not disappoint; it was the adventure of my lifetime. Now, I’m hooked on GlobeRiders and Helge, looking forward to joining this Southern African ride and then, the World Tour in April.
My rider at home are a 2019 BMW R1250GS, a 2018 R1200R. a 2016 G650GS and a 2014 HP4. For this trip I will be using my 2011 F650GS, low suspension frame with Touratech upgrade, to accommodate my short stature and my at least marginal ability to pick the bike up myself.
Really looking forward to this adventure, meeting up with old pals including Helge and making some great new friends.






Helge Pedersen (Tour Leader) - Hansville, WA, USA


2018 BMW R1200GS Adventure


When I left Norway in 1982 Africa was my first new continent to travel on and it did not disappoint. Every time that I am back in Africa riding my bike, I feel like I am back home. There is something special with this continent that is hard to explain, and I think that you really have to experience this for yourself to understand what I am talking about.

So happy to be able to travel with this small group of friends, yes, we have known each other from previous tours with GlobeRiders. The only one that I have not been riding with yet is Birgit. Interestingly enough all 5 us will be riding together on GlobeRiders 20th Anniversary ride from Tokyo to München next year. I guess this is just a warmup for that journey.

Thanks for following us on this journey and if have not been to Africa yet I wish that you get a chance at some time soon.
My personal highlight of attractions for this journey is when my wife Lisa joins us in Botswana to explore the Okavango Delta. National Geographic once described the Okavango Delta as “The Last Eden on Earth.”

My bike this time is a brand new 2018 BMW R1200GSA, a wonderful bike for what we do with GlobeRiders.


Ride Far – Ride Safe!


Helge Pedersen





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