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A Photographer's Journey Around the World

Map showing Helge's "10 Years on 2 Wheels" travels.


Rubber Tree

Australia is a fascinating place to ride, with so many strange animals and plants. This is a good example, the Common Rubber Tree.

Cookie Dust

I needed a partner to travel with if I was going to make it to the Top of Down Under. I found Domenic Paul, alias Cookie, at a beach just outside Cape Tribulation. We had a great journey together following the old Telegraph road to the top of Australia. You just don’t find a better companion to ride with than "Cookie".

Top of Down Under

We had made it to the Top of Down Under and it was time to turn around and head back South. It had not been our goal to ride to the top of Australia just to say that we had been their. No, it had been the experience we had on the way to the goal that had made the journey worth our effort

Broken Fork

Shit happens and it usually happens on a bad day. Lucky for me it was not on a bad day when I broke my left front fork. I was in good company, we had plenty of food and water and the sun was shining. Cookie and I had left Cooktown that morning and had ridden our bikes on some terrible washboard roads when it happened. Fair enough, I crashed, but walked away from the incident without serious damage to myself. This was my second time that the left front fork had broken. The first time was in Malawi, Africa, a few years earlier, the right fork was still in good shape.

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