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We still have a few spaces on this exciting new ride that starts in Muscat, Oam, and ends in München, Germany. 


Write us if you are interested and like to receive more information.


This will be the last of GlobeRiders large group rides. 






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The unparalleled experience of traveling the world by motorcycle is perhaps one of the world's Last Great Adventures. Freed from the confines of a car or bus, you're totally immersed in the sights, sounds and smells of ever-changing vistas. GlobeRiders is uniquely experienced in conducting supported adventure tours through some of the most rarely-visited and exotic destinations on the planet.


In addition to the basic services you would expect from any qualified touring company, we'll ship your motorcycle so that you can ride on your own machine. We'll instruct and coach you in the navigation and maintenance skills to insure that you journey with confidence. We'll not only show you the greatest rides, our local guides and drivers will also inform and educate you about the history and cultures of the many new friends you'll make along the way.


For those who aren't able to journey with us just yet, we have a growing catalog of adventure touring and instructional DVD's so that you can both experience what it's like to ride with us, and also properly equip your bike and yourself for the journey ahead. Finally, we capture the daily experiences of riders on tour via our Live!Journals - a web-log of stories and photo galleries created while each adventure is underway. If you're not yet ready for the real thing, you are invited to take these "virtual" tours with us.


There's a wealth of information and entertainment on our website. We encourage you to explore our world. Should you have any questions, we invite you to contact us - we're passionate about what we do, and would be honored to share what we've experienced and learned with you.



Helge Pedersen - Founder

Photographer, Journalist, Traveler


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10 Years on 2 Wheels


Helge established his credentials as a world traveler, photographer, journalist and with the publication of 10 Years on 2 Wheels, a lovingly crafted photo-essay of his globe-spanning travels.


You can view excerpts of his experiences and thumbnails of the full-color images from the book by clicking here.


We ship books from Germany for sales in Europe and the world, for orders write to  


In the USA purchase from:



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